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Once you have your new snazzy website up and running and your showing it off to your friends, family and clients its important to remember that your website needs to be loved, looked after and maintained. Our website maintenance Bristol package well keep your website up-to-date and running like it should, effectively and efficiently.

Most new websites are now being made with Content ManagementSsystems (CMS), these are great as they allow for updates to be made to your website a lot easier then the traditional methods. While having a CMS is great for your business its important that it’s kept up to date. Updates are being made to the plugins and themes to keep on top of the security of your website, therefore preventing potential exploits or vulnerabilities to your website.

At The Creative Den we use the best CMS’s around, ones that are easy to use from a clients perspective, these also happen to be the most popular on the internet, and for very good reason. Every now and then websites, even small businesses become the target of internet hackers who will try to break into your site and wreak havoc. To prevent this the CMS’s developers find these vulnerabilities the hackers use and they create patches to fix them, this then leads to regular updates that will keep your website clean and safe. If you do not keep your installation current, you risk becoming the next victim to malicious attacks that can be easily prevented by keeping your website code up-to-date.

Our Website Maintenance Bristol Package Covers…

Let us take the worry from your website maintenance, so you can focus on your business. Choose our maintenance plan, and leave the techy stuff and complications to us!

We offer a simple package that will keep your website in tip top condition. Each website is unique, please contact us for a free quotation.

This package includes the following;

  • Control Management System Version Updates – Keep your CMS version up to date and reduce the risk of security issues.
  • Theme Updates – Update your theme and resolve any compatibility issues.
  • Monthly on-site SEO – It’s important your on-site SEO is kept up to date, with this package we have this covered.
  • Plugin Updates – Update plugins and resolve any compatibility issues.
  • Monthly Backup – At the end of each month we will gather a backup of your website files and database and keep them secure. These files are essential in order to restore your website to a previous state.
  • Broken Links Scan – We will perform a monthly scan for broken links on your website and fix them.

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Here are the top 5 topics you should have maintained on your beloved website…

Checking Pages and Broken Links – Your website will have gone through lots of testing before being made live, however changes in one part of your website can often cause a problem elsewhere within your website. These include slow page loads, broken links and error messages, these can interfere with the user’s experience and put them off using your site, or even from using your products or services. Having a regular site check can help to highlight the above issues and correct them, keeping your site running as it should.

checkOur website maintenance Bristol package covers this.

Back up of Information and Data – The number 1 rule of the lovely internet is to make sure you have all your images, files and data stored offline, or on a different server. If for any reason, your website breaks or you make a mistake you could lose your data. This loss could cause you endless hours of inconvenience if you do not have it backed up elsewhere. We can back up the data from your website on a monthly basis, so if the worst happens and you do lose your information you can get it back without having to worry.

checkOur website maintenance Bristol package covers this.

Updating Website Tools – With the nature of the modern, interactive internet means that most websites need updating at some point, when this happens, certain elements on your website may no longer work or may themselves need updating in order for them to function in the correct way. It’s the same principle as when you have software packages on your computer that need to download and install updates, the software that runs your website needs to be regularly updated too. The biggest updates that will affect your website are browser updates – each browser (whether it’s Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari) displays your site slightly differently in terms of layout and design. When an updated version of a browser is made public, your websites code may need to be slightly changed in order to display properly in the browser.

checkOur website maintenance Bristol package covers this.

Health Check – Just like people and cars, websites should also have regular health checks to make sure they are feeling well and are preforming how they should. A complete analysis of your site will highlight any issues from both a ‘front end’ (what users see) and ‘back end’ (what powers the site) perspective, this then allowing these issues to be fixed and keeping your site running like clockwork!

checkOur website maintenance Bristol package covers this.

Recovery of hacked websites – If you are unfortunately attacked by the horrible hackers out there, and they manage to take over your website we can help get things sorted for you. If we sorted out your website hosting then this is a guaranteed service and included in our website maintenance Bristol package. If your website is hosted with another company then we cannot guarantee we can get your website back up as its dependent on the type of hosting you have with your provider, saying that we are 90% sure we will be able to take control of your website back and get you up and running again. Please note that there is an additional charge of £49 to recover a website that is not hosted by us.

checkOur website maintenance Bristol package covers this.

Get in contact with us now and we’ll take the pain out of keeping your website in tip top condition.

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