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Throw five balls at someone and they’ll drop all of them. Throw one and they’ll catch it, and that’s what we do. We make sure your brand has a single message that everyone gets and everyone wants to be a part of. The first port of call for any company is to get their message across. Business can be won or lost as you hand over your card. After all, first impressions count, and people can sniff out when something isn’t quite right.

Below is a selection of the packages we have, these go from logo design, business cards, flyer and leaflet design, compliment slips and a package that just simply saves you money.

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Passion + Creativity = Results

A professional logo for £129? No problem.

Whether we’re working with a new company that doesn’t have a logo yet or working with an established company whose logo may be outdated or just not as strong as it could be, The Creative Den research your product or service to enable us to fully understand the message that your logo design must communicate.

We always insist on talking to you and getting an understanding of what your company portrays, what colour schemes you have in mind and any ideas you may wish to pursue. In doing this we ensure that we produce unique, intelligent logo design solutions that meet your specific requirements. We work closely in partnership with clients throughout the logo design process using your opinions, your comments and your feedback to create the final logo design that best represents your business and meets your requirements.

The Creative Den have introduced a fixed fee logo design package starting from just £129.00. This package is an ideal solution for businesses who require cost effective marketing solutions that doesn’t compromise the graphic design quality.

Impress with a professional business card design for only £99

A business card is a vital part of your corporate identity and is an expected form of business communication today. Business cards are portable, affordable and versatile marketing tools for your business. A good business card design acts as an instant visual reminder to a client or potential client of your business.

A business card can often be the first point of contact and crucially holds all your contact details. Creating a good impression with professionally designed business cards could be the difference between gaining a new client and putting them off. After all, if your business cards are of amateur quality, it does not reflect well on your business.

The Creative Den produce distinctive and memorable business card designs. We can design your high quality business cards from scratch, or tweak an existing design.

We do not use stock designs, and thanks to our structure you get experienced graphic designers working on your bespoke design that is tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Need to say thanks? We’ve got it covered for only £49

Compliment slips are all too often overlooked but in reality they offer a cost-effective means of branded communication. For an informal message or to accompany an order or payment, compliment slips are a much cheaper and environmentally friendly alternative to letterheads.
In addition, along with business cards, letterheads and other stationery, your compliment slips work as a immediate reminder to your clients and potential clients of your corporate identity.

They can be used for many purposes and we take the time to find out about your business and how you use your compliment slips before undertaking any compliment slip design work. In doing this we ensure that we produce unique, practical compliment slip solutions that meet your specific requirements.

The Creative Den offer a professional compliment slip design service. Get in contact with us now by clicking the button below.

Letterheads? Only £49 for a professional design

Why is an eye-catching letterhead design important for your company? Your letterheads is at the heart of your business stationery and business identity system. Along with business cards and compliment slips your letterhead works as a immediate visual reminder to your clients and potential clients of your corporate identity.

A professionally designed letterhead will draw your client’s attention immediately, and the client will associate the high-quality and professionalism of your letterhead design with your business. In today’s competitive markets, companies have to make their brand remain in the minds of their customers. A professional letterhead design can help to achieve this by helping your business to stand out from the rest.

The Creative Den provide high quality letterhead design from scratch or can tweak an existing letterhead design.

We don’t use stock or template letterhead designs. Every letterhead design is bespoke to a client’s specific brief and requirements.

You need a flyer to promote your business?

As a business owner, you have a variety of marketing tools at your disposal. As a business owner with a budget in mind; you need to choose those tools wisely. When a customer sees your flyer, they see your business, your potential, your professionalism and your quality all in an instant. Custom flyer designs from The Creative Den will give your business that instant professional edge and provide a perfect compliment to your marketing campaign.

For a free no hassles quote all we need from you are the following;

Flyer size
Single sided or double sided
Design orientation (landscape or portrait)
Any design ideas you may have along with a colour preference (if you have one)
Industry/target audience

The Works! £220

So you want to promote your business with the complete branding package that will shoot your business to the top and compete with your top competitors, you want it for a great price and have a professional design and service? You’ve come to the right place.

We can offer you a bespoke logo design, compliment slip, letterhead and a business card design all for £220, that gives you a massive saving of £126.

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