What colours should I use and why – Well within web design and any design industry colour is a very special subject, its what brings our creations to life. Within web design particularly, the colour of your website should represent your companies brand and the colour your company follows, along with the feeling you want to portray when your customers visit your site as well as the age group of your potential customers.

Each colour has a meaning and subconsciously our brain is taking these in and processing them to determine our mood and thoughts. Below are the meanings and feelings that some of the most popular colours portray.

What colours should I use and why

If your website is intended to go further than the UK and the US then you may need to do a little research on your chosen colours, this is because different colours can mean different things in the far east for example. Below is an overview of what a colours meaning is outside the UK and US.

What colours should I use and why

At The Creative Den we will work with you and ask what sort of feeling you wish to portray. We will then produce concept designs that will bring all your thoughts and ideas together. From here we will get your feedback and work closely with you to produce the website you and your company requires.

What colours should I use and why – summed up in one blog post.