Virus scam phone callBe aware of the virus scam phone call. if someone rings you up telling you that your computer is becoming slow and that you have a virus, this is a scam. There is no way the phone operator can tell if you have a virus on your computer or even if its running slow without having access to the actual computer or laptop.

What they will try to get you to do is go to a website and download a piece of software which they say will fix your computer and bring it back to how it was when you first brought it. This is complete nonsense and in fact what they are doing is getting you to download a malicious piece of software that will give them access to all the information on your computer including any credit card information you have used to purchase online products.

Below is a transcript of how the conversation may go, it differs from operators but if you hear anything like the above put the phone down and do not, I repeat do not download the software they tell you to.

[Heavily-accented Indian volce]: Hello? Hello?

Home owner: Who’s calling, please?
Him: IT Solutions. We are calling to warn you that your computer has been infected with a virus.

Home owner: My computer has a virus, eh?
Him: Yes, your computer has a virus.

Home owner: Where did you say you were calling from?
Him: IT Solutions.

Home owner: No, I mean, where is your company located?
Him [after I asked several times]: The United States.

Me: Where in the United States?
Him: New York. [My caller ID showed “Bellevue, WA.”]

Home owner: And what’s your company’s phone number?
Him [Says number far too fast to understand].

Home owner: Whoa, too fast. Please say your phone number slowly so I can understand it.
Him (after dodging the question a few more times): 717-310-3925. [My caller ID showed 425-998-1533.]

Home owner: You say my computer has a virus. So, what kind of computer do I have?
Him: I’m sorry?
Home owner: If you know my computer has a virus, then you should know what kind of computer I’m using. What kind of computer do I have?
Him: Windows NT or Windows 7. [My computer is a Mac, so there are no Windows computers in my home.]

Home owner: Nope. This is a scam, and I’m reporting it to the police. Goodbye!

How This Scam Steals Your Information

Malicious software lets a stranger do the following over your internet connection:

* Access all information and documents stored on your computer

* Track your typing so that they can log all your passwords, credit card numbers, or anything else you type

* Monitor your purchases, your email, your web browsing

* Control your computer without your knowledge, using it to send viruses out to everyone on your email contacts list

* Lock you out of your computer and damage or erase its contents

Usually they’d rather not erase your hard drive, since it’s more useful to turn your computer into a “zombie,” operating or accessing it remotely without your knowledge. Huge networks of “zombie” computers are pressed into service by scam companies for all kinds of purposes! The “zombie” computer’s real user cannot tell their computer is serving another master, except perhaps by the fact that the computer seems to have slowed down slightly.

So if you have one of these phone calls please ignore them and just hang up on them, do not fall into their trap.