OS6.1Millions of iPhone users have added the iPhone 4 digit passcode to protect all the information on their phone from unauthorised access. This information you wish to keep secure is now at risk due to a loophole found in the latest iPhone software update which allows unathorised access to your iPhone.

With several simple steps your iPhone’s information such as messages, emails, pictures and videos can all be accessed in the latest 6.1 software update.

There are several videos on Youtube that show you how to do the hack, its a pretty straight forward process, its just down to timing. It may take the hacker a few attempts to get it right, but once they do they will be able to access all your details.

This is not the first time Apple has faced a situation like this before. When the 4.1 software was released it had a similar loophole, this was fixed in a matter of days, so keep your eyes peeled for another update from Apple.

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